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4/11/2007 1:37pm

Currently taking a break from web programming. Check back in a month or two when I get some moar motivation.
3/30/2007 1:14am

Due to the fact that I've been really lazy this spring break, HUFS is going to stay up a while longer.
3/25/2007 3:42am

I know this may disappoint some of you but HUFS is soon to be replaced by the new DustWeb currently under development. You dont have to worry though since I'll still update this place on a semi-regular basis, it just wont be the focus of DustWeb anymore.
3/23/2007 2:38pm

Done with finals (8^D)
3/20/2007 8:40pm

Studying for finals D^8
3/17/2007 5:06pm

I'm happy to inform you that my videogame archive got me a perfect score for my database class project. The grader was totally impressed by how nice-looking it was. She didn't know anything about videgames so she didn't care that all the actual information in the database was incorrect.
3/5/2007 12:37am

I'm making a videogame website for my database class. I'm pretty much taking this site and changing all the pink to blue and black and all the flowers and unicorns to game stuff.

Check it out:
3/3/2007 1:39pm

Been spending some time with the layout and color scheme.
3/2/2007 11:52pm

testing update system